Deep, in the heart

I’m in Caldwell, TX, and I’ve been made to feel welcome..


Hey #Americans, go home if you don’t like #DonaldTrump.

Next in the Immortal Saga of #Dudewhatareyoudoing?

on the inimitable, deathless, headless, shameless, ruthless and TRUTHLESS  #DonaldTrump who proclaims!!

Go Home, Americans, if you don’t like #DonaldTrump, Aka “#TheDude

Anyone remember the classic Leonard Cohen song below?

Anyone remember what #TheDude #DonaldTrump said to the “Squad” a few days ago?

Anyone knows what tomorrow will bring? What pointless debate will be held about whether #DonaldTrump is a #racist, a #rapist, a #liar, and a #psychopath? Anyone knows how long we have to live like this?

Anyone knows how someone can tell Americans to “go home” if they don’t like tyranny?

Anyone remember The Boston Tea Party?