#Toys for Big Boys

There is only one way I can see the refusal to regulate gun sales in America. You see, guns are toys. For Big Boys.Now, really would you take toys away from babies? They might cry!!! They might go to the NRA and say, “Daddy, Daddy, someone took my gun away!” #Toys #Boys #Guns

Right not to be shot fatally in public

Give Life a Chance? The other day a well-meaning person told me not to go to #Walmart. It was a day after another mindless, ghastly shooting in #ElPaso. Here’s where I would say we can’t go. We can’t go to schools. We can’t go to colleges. We can’t go to church or mosque or temple or synagogue. We can’t go to airports. We can’t go to bus stations. We can’t go to grocery stores. We can’t go to government offices. In truth, we can’t go anywhere. We might get shot anywhere we go. Because the #NRA will not let #guncontrol…