A paragraph for my father. . .

In the first world war, a sixth of the British forces were Indian men


Scenes From San Juan as Frustration Boils Over – Bloomberg

Puerto Rico’s governor is clinging to his seat as citizens take to the streets and opposition lawmakers call for his resignation. — Read on www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-07-25/scenes-from-san-juan-as-frustration-boils-over This is what you do to scoundrels in office, America. Politics is the last resort of scoundrels. George Bernard Shaw.

Hey #Americans, go home if you don’t like #DonaldTrump.

Next in the Immortal Saga of #Dudewhatareyoudoing? on the inimitable, deathless, headless, shameless, ruthless and TRUTHLESS  #DonaldTrump who proclaims!! Go Home, Americans, if you don’t like #DonaldTrump, Aka “#TheDude Anyone remember the classic Leonard Cohen song below? Anyone remember what #TheDude #DonaldTrump said to the “Squad” a few days ago? https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/trump-pelosi-and-the-squad-are-fighting-over-who-belongs-in-government?utm_campaign=aud-dev&utm_source=nl&utm_brand=tny&utm_mailing=TNY_Daily_071619&utm_medium=email&bxid=5be9e2773f92a40469f757fe&cndid=38347331&esrc=&utm_term=TNY_Daily Anyone knows what tomorrow will bring? What pointless debate will be held about whether #DonaldTrump is a #racist, a #rapist, a #liar, and a #psychopath? Anyone knows how long we have to live like this? Anyone knows how someone can tell Americans to “go home” if they don’t like…