Where's My Coffee???

I mostly write, but sometimes I make other things because making things is joyful! My kitty looked up at me this morning and said, “Isn’t coffee wonderful?” I had to agree. And then make her this cushion. You can find it at redbubble.com https://www.redbubble.com/people/gayatris2/works/43682933-wheres-my-coffee?p=throw-pillow&asc=u&fbclid=IwAR2xV31hhBZbr-_t2htJBOq5X8SfPH5ES_suOQW1CBhiZGaPNu0vYZJ3W4Q Advertisements


From my novel Love’s Garden, forthcoming September 2020!

Dear Future Readers, I can’t wait to share the whole novel with you, but here’s a tidbit Chapter 3: Love is an enigma, but marriage is serious business. Girls can only leave home when they marry. This is well known. Any girl or young woman who does otherwise is, of course, ruined. Before marriage girls have to wait somewhere between bliss and hell. All girls. Prem and the raggedy girl who once loved her included. There hadn’t been many cozy spots for Prem between hell and bliss in the village in 1914, in the days before all the marrying started,…