The Three O-s

Trump Loses

What a happy day it is today! Joe and Kamala went and got the White House back. I’m going to see it as an unadulteratedly happy day; I will not hedge, hum or haw.

I will express strong love for Obstinate Older Oaklike men with thinning hair (as long as it’s not orange); I will let my heart flutter a little now and then; and I will even cry as I smile or laugh like a fool. The latter might happen at 7 pm CST tonight when my president addresses the nation.

I will allow my friends to send me videos like these and eat up storage on my IPhone 6 and not reprimand them.

I’ll make a small request that we stop calling Kamala Harris the first African-American or first Indian-American Vice President. I will request that we simply call her the American Vice President. After all, we don’t call Joe Biden the 46th White American president.

I will go down my street and hug my neighbors whose sign has said for months “Republicans for Biden-Harris.” Good on yer, mates.

Now go dance in the streets. That’s not a request. Rejoice. It appears that in America we still have some choice.

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