The Great Goddess Comes

The Goddess Durga
image courtesy Debjani Gupta

And she wants you to VOTE

Hello Friends and Readers, Far and Near. . . .

What can I say? November 8 is less than two months away. Are you ready?

Are you registered to vote?

Will you vote? 

The fate of the planet seems to hang in the balance, though that could be an expression of our American ideology of Manifest Destiny, or at the very least of our inflated self-importance. 

But many fates, in fact, do hang in the balance, friends. That of the 99 percent, the BIPOC, the LGBTQ, the refugee, the lost, the homeless,the sick, and the suffering.

Don’t forget them. ‘Remember the Porter,’ as Shakespeare said. He has an important tale to tell about our present-day Macbeth and his Lady. Blood on their hands, folks.

Shakespeare Porter Macbeth

Their misdeeds are legion, but here’s a short one: xenophobia, racism, corruption, personal and moral turpitude, lies, egomania, megalomania, and constant, untiring self-interest. And while some of you, my friends, are not American voters, the catastrophic rise of genocidal and corrupt leaders is worldwide, as my Indian readers know.

Don’t let your hesitation about are the alternatives good enough hold you back, paralyzed. The Goddess didn’t. She took on the demon and slew him. She wants you to vote, friends. Go and get the vote out. And give the White House a good shake-up and swamp-draining.

Land Ahoy!


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