Read Love’s Garden for free in the next two months

Love's Garden, a novel

Life’s a story about a journey. I’ve been on a few lately, and have reported about some.

But stories have their journeys too. As I’ve been traveling, so has my debut novel, Love’s Garden

Today I write to invite you, friends and readers, to read Love’s Garden FOR FREE, in the next two months, courtesy my excellent publisher Aubade Publishing, and NetGalley.

Oh, these are tough times

But Stories are what will get us through the shadows and searchlights of History

So I invite to join me in the recent legs of my journey as a writer, and read Love’s Garden without having to buy the book by using this link.

At the end, if you are so moved, leave me a review or a rating. Or let me know here, at One Planet Only One, what you think. I want to know.

With love and gratitude to my readers, always….

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