Race and America; Political Blackness 2

The Living Dead

I Can't Breathe

My voice is tiny; it fails when I stand before this reflection on Race and America, the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Montgomery Alabama. But my body knows it must cry

when I enter this Mausoleum of Sacred Desolation and Haunted Memory of Lynching in America. Where I know I am Politically Black

Blackness Chained

because I can’t hold back my tears. My face twists and my tears mingle with my sweat. A site attendant asks me if I’ll be okay. I say yes. We smile. Quietly.

A History of Horror The Horror of History

What choice do we have?


Let Us Love Each Other

Who will take care of us but each other?

Political Blackness IS the Hope for America

We People of Color

We People of Color, We Stand or Fall Together.


So, We Will Stand.

Divide, Dividie, Divide

So when I leave, my eyes are dry, my head is high, and my Spirit is Survivor, not Slave.


Brazos county, TX, lynchings

‘Je me Souviens,’ George Floyd and all the others, still falling, still rising, trying to BREATHE

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