#BLUE GOLD? Yes, I think so. Many people think water will be the oil of the future.

Has anyone heard of a company called #Paramount Farms?

Have you ever eaten pistachios, almonds, #POM juice? Well, Stuart Resnick’s Paramount Farms produces them all. And, do you know who he is? Well, he is the 4.2 billionaire (according to #Forbes) who owns most of California’s water because he made sure to buy up farmland to grow crops just as a cover for owning the water under and on the land.

This while his workers don’t drink the water in their “workers’ paradise” township because it is laced with arsenic and chlorine. Hello, good ole nineteenth-century industrial capitalism!

So a company that owns close to 80% of California’s water represents less than 2% of the farming interest in California, because much of the farming is conglomerated and owned by a huge corporate structure. And California has had droughts for how long?

Years ago there was a film made called #Chinatown, starring Jack #Nicholson, that went medieval on the political corruption surrounding water in California. Watch it, and also watch #Water and Power: a California Heist on netflix. Water is the #bluegold of Calfornia and it seems it may not be long before only rich corporations will own it and sell it at a premium to ordinary people.