Our Twenty-first-century Heroines

Hey y’all. I’ve been looking for twenty-first-century romances beyond the — you know — ‘LUUUUV” sort. It felt hard. But then, I had a new idea today. You know what’s one of our top twentieth-century romantic stories? I’ll tell you!

It’s the story of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Talib and M.J. Hegar and Amy McGrath and Kathleen Williams and thousands of other women like them. These are the true “Romantica-s” (yes, I’ve coined this term and now I own it, thank you) of our century. These are the ladies who recognize that the earth’s timeframe of survival is now twelve years, twelve years in which we MUST cut carbon emissions by half, and that America’s wars are not only fought against enemies, but against women, children, the sick and the poor.These are the ladies who speak loudly about their hopes, vision and ambitions, but who also pipe up to stop hecklers of their political opponents at panels and townhall meetings. These are the ladies who are not “romantic” like the namby pamby Sleeping Beauties and Rapunzels of our times, but like the brave, armored chevaliers of medieval romance sagas, riding into battle against the dragons and Goliaths of our times. They are mothers, fighters and grassroots mobilizers. So yeah, that’s one of the true romances of the twenty-first-century folks. Sit up and listen. We love you, ladies. Out hearts beat for you and our veins sing for you.

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